Miles Crispin ( - 1107)

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Miles Chrispin ( - 1107)

Landowner in Colnbrook, and many other properties in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. He was also the Constable of Wallingford Castle. Within Buckinghamshire Miles Chrispin also owned lands which were then held by under-lords. The lands were scattered throughout Bucks including in Upton n in Stone hundred; in Dorney & in Hitcham in Burnham hundred; in Marlow & Saunderton in Desborough hundred; in Aston Sandford & Shabbington itself & in Ickford in Ixhill Hundred and many more.

Miles had married Matilda the daughter of Robert d'Oilly. Robert d'Oilly was Sheriff of Oxford and held the Manor of Iver in 1086.

In the Regesta Henrici Primi 1100-1135 there is the confirmation of a gift of land
813 [1107, June 2.] Pentecost, Westminster
Notification by Henry O to Robert bishop of Lincoln and Nigel de Oilli and Hugh de Bocland Sheriff of Bucks. And William Sheriff of Oxford: Of a confirmation to God and St Mary and the monks of Abingdon of the mill called Boiemilne &c. given by William fitz Aiulf and the land between Ackhamstead (Hemmestededam) and Marlow which Robert fitz Hamon gave and the land of Alword de Sutton [in Colnbrook] as Milo Crispin gave it; and the land of Robert son of Hervey which Matilda the Queen gave.
Witnesses: William bishop of Winchester; Robert Bishop of Salisbury; Eudo Dapifer; Hamo (Raimero) Dapifer; Roger Bigod; William de Curci; Nigel d'Oilli; Roger gitz Richard.[1]

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